Goddamn macarons.

I have been obsessed with macarons since watching an episode of MasterChef in which the contestants had to produce boxes of “delicate, perfectly made macarons,” or however Gordon Ramsey phrased it. I don’t recall if I’d ever eaten one before, but they were so colorful, so pretty, that I decided I had to make some myself.

Some hundred dollars worth of Silpats and almond flour, countless eggs, and twelve failed batches later, I threw in the towel.

Today, I resume the challenge, accompanied by a blog. This is not going to be a paean to these “exquisite French confections,” however. Instead, it is going to be a blow-by-blow recounting of my attempts to conquer these little bastards and make something that I can give away to people, rather than something that I scrape off the Silpat and cram pieces of into my mouth before tossing the rest into the garbage.

Let the games commence!


About cohn17

Photographer and baker of macarons.
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