Attempt no. 2 – the lemon macaron

As we saw in Attempt no. 1, my macaron shells had some flaws.  The website provides these troubleshooting tips:

      • If the macaron shells are cracked and have no feet it means the batter was overmixed. The batter should have the consistency of “molten lava.” It should form a ribbon when dropped from a spoon but not be too fluid. One too many strokes with the spatula and it’s game over.
      • If the macarons do not spread out but retain their pointed tops, the batter was undermixed. Keeping in mind the note above, there should be no streaks of unmixed almond powder in the batter. When dropped from a spoon, the batter should quickly absorb into the mass of batter in the bowl

In my case, however, the macaron shells were cracked and had no feet but also did not spread out and retained their pointed tops instead.  So was my batter overmixed or undermixed?  Goddamn macarons.

(For those who don’t know their macarons, the feet is the airy, ruffled base of the macaron shell.)

Today's opponent.

Today’s opponent.

On to Attempt no. 2 – the lemon macaron.  Given that I still have bowl of lemon ganache, plus lots of lemon extract and yellow food coloring, there’s no reason not to give it a try.  Today’s recipe comes from, and it includes a brilliant video that shows what the consistency of the batter is supposed to be.

Apart the fact that it’s set to “Memories” from the musical Cats – which is my least favorite song of all time, as a result of my parents playing the Cats soundtrack on an endless loop with “Pavarotti’s Greatest Hits” for the entirety of an 11-hour road trip when I was 20 – I love this video.

20150520_smackaron_004 20150520_smackaron_008
So far, everything looks like it should.

I take them out of the oven and the shells look perhaps a little flat, but otherwise good …


… but the bottoms are a little too sticky and have an odd shine to them.


Ultimately, the macarons look and taste like they should, but I over-baked them, even according to the recipe, so the shell is a little too crisp, and when I bite into it, the texture isn’t quite right.

20150520_smackaron_018 20150520_smackaron_020
Note the separation between the top of the shell and the interior.

It’s a split decision, but by 2-1, the win goes to the meringue. It was close, though, so Shinee, whoever you are, thank you.


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5 Responses to Attempt no. 2 – the lemon macaron

  1. Lynn says:

    Hope you’ll have them down pat in time for summer family visits. They look pretty good as is, though.


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