Attempt no. 5 – the banana macaron with chocolate-orange ganache

What’s better than banana and chocolate? Lots of things, actually, but bananas and chocolate do taste good together. I’m going back to this recipe from attempt no. 2, except that instead of lemon, I’m going to add crushed freeze-dried banana chips to the mix, and I’ll also use the chocolate ganache from attempt no. 4. Let’s see what happens …

A few caveats: first, it’s chocolate-orange ganache, not chocolate ganache, so the flavor combination may be a little unusual in the end.  It’s all in the name of science, however; in fact, the freeze-dried banana powder in the batter could cause some kind of chemical reaction that I don’t expect and really screw things up. Second, the chips themselves taste like a cross between overripe bananas and marshmallow circus peanuts, so these macarons could taste pretty awful regardless of how they come out. And with that …


Today’s challenger.

Everything comes together pretty much as expected.  Three banana chips makes approximately two teaspoons of banana powder, which is about all I’m willing to try, given how awful the chips taste on their own.  My expectations aren’t high, but the ultimate goal for the fruit-based challenges is to successfully make a blueberry and white chocolate macaron, so the banana chips are as good a material to experiment with as any.

20150619_smackaron_004 20150619_smackaron_009
Smackie oversees the mixing and piping, and is happy so far.
20150619_smackaron_010 20150619_smackaron_015
After a few minutes in the oven, the batter starts to look like macarons, but then …

Yes, there is a problem: the feet on the shells are too big, and the shells have spread into one another.  Only one thing came to mind: Fats Waller.

Nonetheless, they appear done, so I pipe in the ganache (in what is too gruesomely messy a process to photograph) and put them in the refrigerator for the night.  And in the morning …

Smackie can't believe it.

Smackie can’t believe it.

The banana flavor is surprisingly light, just enough to add a hint of fruit without being cloying. The combination with the chocolate-orange ganache works nicely – they are delicious and not over-sweet. But the shells themselves? Brittle and overbaked.

Once again, the decision goes to the meringue.


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