Attempt no. 10 – the chocolate macaron with chocolate ganache and peanut butter, yet again

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our Egglish English dead.

William Shakespeare, Henry V, Act III, Scene 1

Yes, it’s time for one last attempt at the chocolate macaron.


Our opponent returns …

After thinking through everything that went wrong during attempt no. 9, I decide that my problem was the excess moisture in the batter. Therefore, not only will I age the egg whites properly; I also will use the KitchenAid to beat the living shit out of them. Sometimes you just gotta play rough with these macarons.  So, I assemble all the ingredients, do the sifting, put everything into bowls, blah blah blah …

Whipped enough?

Whipped enough?

The important thing is that I whip the egg whites until they are really huge and fluffy, and then I mix in the dry ingredients and really pound the batter down to get it back to the right consistency. I pipe out the shells and let them sit for an hour to ensure that they develop a hard skin that will resist cracking. Then, into the oven and …

Still cracked. The shells finally don’t have the gaping jagged cracks that make them look like nightmarish, eyeless emoticons, but they aren’t smooth.  On the positive side, I can use all of them – none of them have to go into the trash.

20150708_smackaron_031 20150708_smackaron_025
20150708_smackaron_033 20150708_smackaron_038
Not perfect, but not too bad.

And the product itself …

20150709_smackaron_001 20150710_smackaron_002

… very much like macarons. No air pockets, good mouth feel. A little too much like brownies, however – fudgier and chewier than they should be. I may have to cut back on the cocoa powder. However, given the circumstances, I am claiming victory by split decision, taking my ball, and going home. So there. I mean, enough already.

And I’m buying a KitchenAid mixer.


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Photographer and baker of macarons.
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2 Responses to Attempt no. 10 – the chocolate macaron with chocolate ganache and peanut butter, yet again

  1. Lynn says:

    Will miss the hilarious posts, and fantasizing about the taste as I looked at the luscious pictures (even the ‘failures’). Well, off to Laduree, I guess…


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