Attempt no. 12 – the plain macaron with chocolate-cherry ganache

It’s cherry season in Greece, so I decided to make macarons with a chocolate-cherry ganache. I am basing it on a standard macaron recipe – really, any one from my previous eleven attempts – but adding cherry concentrate to the ganache. Moreover, I am making the cherry concentrate myself, with a confidence that is completely unwarranted, given the last eleven chapters of this history.

  1. De-pit 250 g fresh cherries
  2. Macerate them in a food processor; strain the macerated cherries into a pot, using a spoon to crush out the juice trapped in the fruit pulp (makes approximately 100 ml of juice).
  3. Bring the juice to a boil, and then immediately down to a simmer, until you are left with approximately one tablespoon of liquid.
  4. Strain the liquid into an appropriate-sized container, which is something you probably should have on hand before you start.
20150724_smackaron_013 20150724_smackaron_017 20150724_smackaron_019
Inspired by, I’m trying to shoot more artistic photographs.
By now, I can do this in my sleep.

By now, I can do this in my sleep.

As far as the problems I had with the last batch, according to the website – yes, there is such a thing, presumably written by Jerry “Eggbeater” Colombo and Sal “Dirty SilPat” Perelli – I may have let my shells rest too long last time. Or I didn’t let them rest long enough. Or maybe the oven temperature was too low. At any rate, I did something wrong – you wanna make something out of it? This time, at least, I beat the hell out of the egg whites, and the mixture piped out nicely enough.


I took ganache that I had left over from a previous attempt, melted it down, added the cherry concentrate to it, and then let it reset in the fridge. I then turned my attention back to the shells in the oven. The first batch didn’t come out right: they hadn’t baked long enough, and they didn’t form feet. Returning them to the oven didn’t help, but I kept the second batch in the oven longer, and they came out looking good.

20150804_smackaron_011 20150804_smackaron_014

Looking good was all they did, however. When I took them off the SilPat, I saw what those beautiful feet were hiding:

20150804_smackaron_017 20150804_smackaron_018

So, by unanimous decision, the victory goes to the meringue. The chocolate-cherry ganache goes back into the fridge, the shells go into the trash, and I can look forward to a little visit this evening from Eddie “the Whisk” Vincenzo and Rocco “Cracked Shells” Brunelli.


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