Attempt no. 13 – the cherry macaron with chocolate-cherry ganache

I am doubling down this time, adding cherry flavoring to the shells to match the flavoring already in the ganache; and after all this effort, it is time to ask: am I finally going to monetize this blog switch to croissants get a job make the perfect macaron?

Smackie assures you that this is not just a re-run of an earlier photograph.

Smackie assures you that this is not just a re-run of an earlier photograph.

So, this time I’ll try this loveandmacarons recipe, but with the addition of cherry concentrate to the meringue along with the food coloring, before I add in the dry ingredients. The Macaron Mafia suggests raising the oven temperature, so I’m doing that (although says this can cause hollow shells – macaron bakers become absolutely Talmudic about what they think the right method is); plus, when I “beat the hell out of the egg whites” last time, it looked like I had a mozzarella ball stuck in the egg beater, so I’m cutting back the time with the Mixmaster. Let’s see what happens!

The macaronage (the making of macaron batter) seemed to go well, but when I piped the batter out, it was lumpy and airy. This time, I put it back into the bag and re-piped it; but even after re-piping, and then banging the tray about 15 times on the counter like a crazy person to dislodge the air bubbles, there still were tails on the disks of batter, and I can see what looks like undissolved sugar in the surfaces. Not good.

20150806_smackaron_004 20150806_smackaron_006

I baked the first batch at a higher temperature partly because I cannot control my oven – I set it to 150° C and it goes to 175°; I set it to 140° and it drops to 130° – and the shells came out looking pretty flat. However, they all came of the SilPat like a charm. The second batch, in contrast, got baked at a lower temperature and came out with decent feet, but many of them stuck to the mat. Clearly, oven technology is beyond me, but I still had plenty of shells to work with.

20150806_smackaron_015 20150806_smackaron_021 20150806_smackaron_024

I assembled the macarons and put them into the refrigerator to mature. In the morning …

20150807_smackaron_030They aren’t the prettiest macarons out there, but the mouth feel is exactly right. No air pockets. Decent flavor. By split decision (given the appearance), the victory goes to me.



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