Attempt no. 37 – the kit

20160531_Daily_004My mother-in-law sent me a macaron-making kit from a company called Dana’s Bakery. The companion video at includes a few tricks I haven’t seen before. Apart from the fact that the eponymous Dana, in her video, keeps calling them “macaroons”, how does it go?

20160602_Daily_007Inside the canister, the kit looks like this: two bags with dry ingredients, two piping bags, a metal piping tip, and an instruction sheet. (I provided the egg whites.) It doesn’t look impressive, but it still more or less all mixes up the same way.  The instruction card inside the can also includes a recipe for chocolate ganache that uses corn syrup (a first for me).

Out of the oven, and after a night in the refrigerator:

20160602_Daily_012 20160603_Daily_018

They are tasty. They have feet. Some of the shells are even smooth. Smackie is amazed.

The many facial expressions of Smackie.

The many facial expressions of Smackie.

So, does this count as a victory? Can I say “the decision goes to me” if all I did was assemble a set of pre-measured, prepackaged ingredients?

Hell, yes.


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