Attempt no. 41 – Attempt no. 40 redux

Halfway through making the meringue, I realize that I have put in 80 grams more egg whites than the recipe called for!  Can I rescue the batter?

I've done enough pictures of Smackie and the ingredients. Here's a picture of Smackie with my dog.

I’ve done enough pictures of Smackie and the ingredients. Here’s a picture of Smackie with my dog.

I had filling left over from the last attempt, so I decided to see if I couldn’t improve on my technique.  I’d purchased extra piping bags in order to store the one batch of batter while I finished the second, and this worked: the batter stayed fresh for piping. However, as I was making the meringue, I noticed that it didn’t seem to be developing that firm “bird’s peak” that it should – and then I realized that I was using a total of 300 grams of egg white in the recipe instead of 220 grams.

Given how precise all this is supposed to be, I figured that I’d ruined the batter, but – to see if I could salvage it – I quickly sifted in another weight of almond flour and sugar, and made another sugar syrup, to bring the ratio of ingredients back into balance.  Amazingly, it worked: in fact, it may have been the best batter yet.  The oven, on the other hand, gave me problems, dispensing a few trays of lop-sided and/or over-baked macaron shells, thus teaching me that (a) I can only bake one tray at a time rather than two, and (b) the heat is still a bit fiddly. Once I figured that out, though, I ended up with some pretty good macarons.

20160901_smackaron_010 20160901_smackaron_011 20160902_smackaron_022
One tray of overdone shells, one tray of lopsided shells, all from the same 20 minutes in the oven. Ultimately, however, we got some good-looking macarons.

Even the over-baked shells softened up overnight in the refrigerator.  It’s another split decision, but I win.


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