Attempt no. 44 – the lemon macaron

With all of the experience I now have under my belt, both figuratively and literally, I decided to go back nearly full circle to attempt no. 2 and finally perfect my lemon macaron. Admittedly, I’ve become a bit more casual about preparation:

I put everything together, blah blah blah – I’d forgotten how little batter this recipe makes – and I pipe it out. So far, so good.

What comes out of the over, however, isn’t so good at all.

Perhaps its because I left the oven open a crack (as I was taught to do in Paris), maybe there’s just something about the chemistry when there’s lemon juice in the batter, or maybe it’s just me, but all I ended up with was 10 dense non-macaron lemon sandwich cookies without even enough filling to cover up the browned bottoms. The meringue wins.


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Photographer and baker of macarons.
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3 Responses to Attempt no. 44 – the lemon macaron

  1. Faire Goldstein says:

    Plus ca change…. I like lemon cookies. Dense or not (though I prefer a good bit of filling, if I have a choice. Wish I were there to clean up those deemed unsatisfactory.



  2. Jackie says:

    Hello! New reader here. First off, your blog is fantastic – a true display of great perseverance and a quest for greatness! I myself am on a journey through self-taught classical french baking, my current stop being macarons. Have you ever watched YouTube videos from TheScranLine? Nick creates unique combinations in his macarons (too advanced for me to try now) but he also gives great tips on making them. I think you should check him out – worth a watch. Keep on keeping on, sir – I think you’re surely on your way to mastering them!


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