Attempt no. 46 – red velvet macarons (from a kit)

I’ve finally settled in to my new apartment and unboxed all the kitchen tools, so I was ready to resume the quest. I feel rusty, however, so to ease my way in, I used the Red Velvet Macaron Kit from Dana’s Bakery.

It is amazing how quickly this goes when all the ingredients are pre-measured.

I put everything together, and tested out my macaronage technique. The batter piped out in more or less the right manner. However, I only have one tray that will fit in this oven, and the oven comes with only one rack, so I could only pipe out one tray at a time. The batter that remained in the bag became a little less smooth somehow, which means that my mixing technique still needs a little work.

More importantly, I discovered, my oven runs hot: when I took out the first tray, they were slightly burned. In response, I reduced the baking time for the rest, but the next two batches still came out a little crunchy. Nonetheless, I piped in the cream cheese filling and put them in the refrigerator overnight to see if they’d soften up.

And the verdict is …
… they have feet, but they’re a little too dense and a little too burnt. The victory goes to the meringue, with an assist from the oven – think of it as the meringue has me trapped in a corner when, all of a sudden, the oven climbs into the ring, grabs a folding chair, and bashes me in the back of the head.


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Photographer and baker of macarons.
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