We try something different

A pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream costs about $10 in Bangkok, which is exorbitant even by the Ben & Jerry’s standard in the U.S. Fortunately, I have the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream recipe book and a new Kitchenaid ice cream freezer bowl, so today we’re making Oreo Mint ice cream. If this works out, this first batch will cost me only $25 per pint, but hopefully I’ll amortize down the cost of the freezer bowl quickly.

The ingredients for ice cream are quite simple: eggs, sugar, milk and cream (the more fat the better), and flavoring. You whip the eggs, add the sugar, add the cream and milk, and then mix it in a freezer bowl to chill it down. At the end, you add the goodies and mix it a little more. The initial consistency is like soft-serve ice cream, and you can eat it like that, or you can put it into the freezer in an air-tight container to harden it.

So, after “ripening” in the freezer overnight, how is it?  It’s pretty good. Not quite as intense a flavor as Ben & Jerry’s own version – I think they use a better quality of mint extract – but it’s a close second.  It’s not a round of smackaron, but I win.


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