Attempt no. 41 – Attempt no. 40 redux

Halfway through making the meringue, I realize that I have put in 80 grams more egg whites than the recipe called for!  Can I rescue the batter?

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Attempt no. 40 – the key lime macaron and the chocolate-whiskey macaron

The chefs at Cooking with Class told me a half-recipe does not work, for some reason; I have to use the full recipe, so double the quantities used in Attempt no. 38. “What about Attempt no. 39?” you ask. “Why are you skipping straight from Attempt no. 38 to Attempt no. 40?” I indeed did make the full recipe for Attempt no. 39, but it did not work out particularly well.  Consider Attempt no. 39 to be the crazy relative locked away in the attic in a Southern Gothic novel. We shall not speak of it again.
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Attempt no. 38 – the key lime pie macaron


Smackie has seen macaron perfection.

Last week, Smackie and I went to Paris to learn how to make macarons from the experts at Cook’n with Class. Let’s see if it made any difference! (read on…)

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Attempt no. 37 – the kit

20160531_Daily_004My mother-in-law sent me a macaron-making kit from a company called Dana’s Bakery. The companion video at includes a few tricks I haven’t seen before. Apart from the fact that the eponymous Dana, in her video, keeps calling them “macaroons”, how does it go? (read on …)

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A detour into xiao long bao

At some point, I will go back to making macarons, but before I do, I’d like to try something easier: xiao long bao, also known as Shanghai soup dumplings. It’s very simple: you roll out a perfectly round, delicate dumpling wrapper and fill it with a ground pork that has been mixed with a gelatinized broth so that, when you steam it, the gelatin melts and you have a pork meatball nestled in a hot spoonful of soup, all held inside a tender-yet-firm wrapper that you bite to slurp out the soup before popping the rest of it into your mouth.

I’m kidding, of course: they are a total nightmare to make. Continue reading

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Attempt no. 36: le chocolat au macaron

(From last Friday:) I’m trying to cut back on sugar and cholesterol, but I’m bored today, so I’m making macarons: after all, I don’t have to eat them all. I can just make them, sample just one for the final report, and then give the rest away on Monday.

Just eat one and give the rest away. No problem.

E-cookbooks are a bad idea.

E-cookbooks are a bad idea.

Today’s attempt comes from Les Petits Macarons: Colorful French Confections to Make at Home by Kathryn Gordon and Anne E. McBride. I’ve used this book in the past without success, but given my track record, I doubt that will make any difference. Les Petits Macarons is a good book with lots of wonderful recipes, but I made the mistake of buying it for my Kindle; and when you have to keep waking up and unlocking your iPad to figure out what to do next, and then you can’t just flip to the right page, it becomes a problem.

The recipe for chocolate macarons calls for 115 g of egg white, which is more egg white than I usually use in my recipes. If nothing else, the shells will be a lighter than ones I’ve made in the past. Specifically, the ingredients are:

  • 145 g almond flour
  • 145 g confectioner’s sugar
  • 25 g Dutch-processed cocoa
  • 115 g egg whites
  • ½ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 150 g granulated sugar
  • ¼ cup of water

I didn’t age the egg whites, so I am making these with the Italian method. For the filling, I’m making a simple dark chocolate and rum ganache (1 cup of heavy cream, 8 ounces of chocolate, plus a tablespoon of unsalted butter and a tablespoon of golden rum).

Smackie turns his back and considers other career options.

Smackie turns his back and considers other career options.

I put all the ingredients together, and the results are tasty – it’s rum and dark chocolate, after all – but the shells are flat and footless, and so the win goes to the meringue. I cannot find the right philosophical reference to explain it, but I say that I am making macarons; the things I make contain all and only the ingredients one finds in macarons; these things are prepared with the equipment and the processes that are used for making macarons; and yet, they are never macarons themselves. They are not even simulacra of macarons. I think it is time to quit the macaron business until I take baking lessons.

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Attempt no. 35: le macaron au citron

I was looking back at some early posts on this blog, and I realized that some of my first attempts were far closer to the mark than the later ones.  Attempt no. 2, for example – the shells have little proto-feet!  I am going to try these again, particularly now that I know what “molten lava/ribbon-like texture” looks like.

My technique, however, clearly was not the problem.  There is a Greek macaron shop on Athinas Street, Makaron Lonis, just up from Monastiraki Square and their macarons don’t have feet. So this is what I have been up against.  I should have been studying French philosophy all along.  Unfortunately, given my track record on macarons, I think I have to start with the Existentialists, and specifically, Jean Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness. (read on …)

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